Hydro Foil - true foil by Magma

hydro foil
parts of Hydro foil


developed by Helmut Wirtz and Manu Taub

  • foiling starts with 4-5 Knots until 20 Knots
  • can build and fixed in each board with a special box, foil is removable
  • concept is surf and foil
    the boards are flexible for using with foil or without foil
  • easy traveling: foil is divided in 5 parts

Technical datas

  • full carbonfibre
  • weight appr. 2,5 kg
  • dimensions
    big-mast appr. 85 cm
    small-mast appr. 60 cm
    big-wing 59 cm


  • Hydro Foil - Carbon 1499,- EURO
  • Kiteboard useable for Surf and Hydro Foil 799,- EURO
  • special box build in a board 150,- EURO
  • only a box 40,- EURO
    build in like a tuttle-box